Friday, September 7, 2012


Poker Stars $0.50/$1
No Limit Hold'em $0.20 Ante
5 players

BTN: $170.38
Hero (SB): $668.80

BB: $116.78
UTG: $246.28
CO: $250.00

Pre Flop: ($2.50) Hero is SB with

UTG calls $1, 1 fold, BTN raises to $2, Hero raises to $92 folds,  
BTN raises to $170.18 all in,

Hero calls $161.18

BTN shows T Q
Hero shows K Q

Flop: ($343.36) T 4 5

Turn: ($343.36) A

River: ($343.36) 7

Final Pot: $343.36
BTN shows T Q (a flush, Ace high)
Hero shows K Q (high card Ace)
BTN wins $340.56


Poker has been good lately, i'm not up much this month.. a little. But i'm pretty happy with my game and targets etc. Last month was decent.. a lil over 5k iirc.. but after crunching some numbers and assessing my goals for the year and next year, i'm pretty content as of right now.

 I've been having some massive swings lately. started out +16bis up first day (part of that was from playing into the new month), then i went on a massive -26bi downer... only have an equal upswing a couple sessions later... it's been a bit of a rocky start. (i think a lot of it has to do with playing the deeps... but i enjoy playing the deeps way too much to not play them because of the variance.)

... so, to take a break i decided to relax a day and grind some nintendo.

beat Super Contra.

it was nice to do nothing all day.

i definitely have some interesting hands i plan on posting soon. gl all.

thought train

Exciting news this week, as my brother and his wife had twins!

that makes me uncle rice.
i've been wondering all week how long will i have to wait until i can teach them how to light four-bet.

i had a picture of the lion king all queued up, thinking it would be perfect, but then i remembered the plot. :/

so i nixed that and spent twenty minutes looking of pictures of congratulation cigars..
which led me to this pic of Compay Segundo.

So a very excited congratulations from me and Compay Segundo!
Dos gardenias para ellos!