Monday, July 30, 2012

I had...

... position vs. this villain on a few tables.. 
just 3bet him 5x in a row..  
to which he either tank folded or flatted-check/folded the flop....

Stars $0.25/$0.50
NLHE $0.10 Ante - 5 players

UTG: $143.94
CO: $237.28 18/14/3

Hero (BTN): $130.27

SB: $258.41
BB: $121.20

Pre Flop: ($1.25) Hero is BTN with A A
1 fold, CO raises to $1.50, Hero raises to $5.50, 2 folds,
 CO raises to $17, Hero raises to $38,
CO raises to $237.18 all in,

Hero calls $92.17 all in

CO shows 6 8
Hero shows A A

Flop: ($261.59) 2 9 8

Turn: ($261.59) Q
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River: ($261.59) 8

Final Pot: $261.59
CO shows 6 8 (three of a kind, Eights)
Hero shows A A (two pair, Aces and Eights)
CO wins $259.09


  So after June's debacle, i wanted to get back on track in July and just focus on one game.. i was less distracted by mexico this month and ended up breaking my personal record of 'hands played' in a month.. i'm still not too happy with my results.. i had a couple notable downswings.. like one a few days ago, where i dropped something like 22bi's in a night.. oh well... .. i feel like a dinosaur still playing fifty, but everyone has different financial situations.. and mine, at the moment, requires the slow-and-steady with a lil less variance...

VPPS: 34913.06(3.5)
FPPS: 122195.71(.016) = $1955.13
Milestone Equity $1047.39
Tables: $2426.23
Total $5428.75

**rakeback pro ITT**

Monday, July 23, 2012


pretty sure i hit my personal 1-day best today..
at some point i was up just under 27bis @50nl.
played a massive session to begin with...

tables were really good and i was running like:

... was gonna crash after that, but being jacked up on dr. pepper, red bull, and 'boost', i couldn't fall back asleep... after a 45m nap i ended up playing two more sessions.. i was up a couple of buy-ins on my last one but sadly, the 'fuego' left the building...

...good day nonetheless.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

all i wanna do is a

Zoom $0.25/$0.50
9 players

BTN: $173.77
SB: $25.00
BB: $18.69
UTG: $53.51
UTG+1: $56.57
UTG+2: $127.80 12/9/9/6 3bet

MP1: $66.13
MP2: $42.63
Hero (CO): $125.11

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is CO with 7 5
UTG raises to $1.50, 1 fold, UTG+2 raises to $5, 2 folds, Hero calls $5, 3 folds, UTG calls $3.50

Flop: ($15.75) 5 Q 7 (3 players)
UTG checks, UTG+2 checks,  

Hero bets $10.50, UTG folds,
UTG+2 calls $10.50

Turn: ($36.75) 2
UTG+2 checks, Hero bets $24.50, UTG+2 calls $24.50

River: ($85.75) J
UTG+2 checks, Hero bets $85.11 all in, UTG+2 calls $85.11

Final Pot: $255.97
UTG+2 shows Q A (a pair of Queens)
Hero shows 7 5 (two pair, Sevens and Fives)
Hero wins $253.47

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


while i wanted to stay in and play yesterday, nati's and eagles wanted to go out and get muy borracho'd with the locals... i awoke today to find some hickeys, an empty bottle of don julio blanco, and a blue mohawk on my head.

well played mexico, well played indeed.

self portrait. i call it, 'me in mexico'.