Wednesday, December 26, 2012


no BBJ?

Poker Stars, $0.50/$1
No Limit Hold'em Cash,
6 Players

BTN: $115.94 (115.9 bb)
SB: $53.50 (53.5 bb)
BB: $114.93 (114.9 bb)
UTG: $85.44 (85.4 bb)
MP: $156.51 (156.5 bb)
Hero (CO): $130.77 (130.8 bb)

Preflop: Hero is CO with A A
2 folds, Hero raises to $3, 2 folds, BB calls $2

Flop: ($6.50) J 3 T
BB checks, Hero bets $4, BB raises to $12.50,
Hero calls $8.50

Turn: ($31.50) A
BB bets $22.50,
Hero calls $22.50

River: ($76.50) A
BB bets $76.93 and is all-in,
Hero calls $76.93

Results: $230.36 pot ($2.80 rake)
Final Board: J 3 T A A
BB showed K Q and won with a Royal Flush
Hero showed A A and lost with Quad Aces


so the year's wrappin' up... here's the brutal numbers.

first million hands of the year:

second mill^
i tried googling 'jack titanic dead', but nothing good. you get the point. here:

that is the sound of my financial plans, hopes, and past coaching prices plummeting. i have a lot of excuses from Ancalagon to Zoom, but overall it is what it is and there's no point in sugar coatin' it. i tried a lot of different games, made adjustments, tweaks, etc etc nothing. shit sucks, i suck, blah blah... that's life. i'm just happy that i'm not busto, have a roof over my head,  food to eat, and had a great time in cabo so far. actually, i figured by now i'd be a starving artist livin' on the streets in europe, so anything above that is a free-roll to me.

it's a new year next week and all i can do is try harder.
less tables, more videos. better table selection, less ispew1225.
 i still have about 11k vpps to go, which is about 10-12k hands per day including NYE.
after that i'm getting a cerveza on the beach and takin' a few days off... or hours.
i've played more hands and hours this month than ever before, i always play the most when i'm stuck, and i'm stuck the most i've ever been as well. shit happens. variance, as someone mentioned to me, happens.

:ɹɐɟ os ɹǝqɯǝɔǝp

nothing much goin' on other than poker. 'twas my bday yesterday and santa wrapped me up a giant  case of food poisoning. perfect fit.

Monday, December 17, 2012


i'm stuck like 3.3k. everything is good in life except the poker.
i've played a million hands this months. and i have to play about 180k more hands to hit my milestone, but 'if you do nothing, there will be no results' - gandhi.

fuck it. ain't got shit else to do.

updated update: -3.5k just ran another 4bis under ev. it has no bottom.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

post #23479

i took a bad beat and lost a small pot the other day.
At first i was a bit perturbed, but then thought, "meh.. it's not the end of the world...

... that's next week."

Monday, December 10, 2012

where is he going?

instead of talking about bad beats, being stuck, and how there's a giant hole where my soul used to be.. i'd like to the spend the next couple minutes staring at this picture whilst listening to john denver's 1966 classic 'leaving on a jet plane.'

Thursday, December 6, 2012


 hola.. been a while.

results from last month were ok. made a lil over 4k. had an alright comeback after the mordor giraffe. this month started out great. up 10bis first session.. was stoked.. getting coaching from a known beast who will remain nameless. also, i've moved to six max. ya get the fish to yourself, and a lot less ssers.  the only downside is that i'm getting less vpps at a time when i need to get a lot of vpps to hit my last 500k milestone. idk if i will make it. it's going to be close. i was more optimistic before every other session proceeding my first. currently on a 3k downer. poker has ripped out my soul this half of the year. it doesn't look like it has any plans on returning it any time soon either.

run bad is a mix of:
- not getting action when you do have a hand that normally pays the electricity bill.
- bricking all your combo draws/ backdoor draws that you've barreled.
- bluffs gettin' picked off
- making your hand and still not being good
- obv the standard getting sucked out on, set over sets etc.
- situationally running bad i.e. KK<AA in the blinds etc. etc.

... and when all these factors coincide you feel like filling your pockets with the remaining pennies you have left and doin' a swan dive in your local mall fountain.


aside from the shit storm that is poker atm, life has been pretty good overall.
met a beautiful aussie chick last week, quit smoking, quit smoking weed, been working out every other day, running, haven't eaten cheese or bread, no alcohol. i always feel like when one thing is good in your life others are not... in this case work is shit and the rest is nice.

i basically have to play around 10k hands a day for the rest of the month to hit this mile. i would have more confidence if i wasn't running like an asshole on National Asshole Day, but i'm still going to try to be on pace whilst hoping for a xmas miracle.