Monday, November 5, 2012


had one of those nights last night...
the ones where you wake up and look for something to eat by opening the dryer.

eagles said, 'hey, let's go grab (a) brew...' sometime around 7pm...
somewhere along the way i said, 'we should have a drinking contest'...
next thing we know we stumble back at 5am.

i'm not sure how many details i'd like to share. but goddamn i love cabo some nights.
any given night there's a cruise or a wedding or something... people are, for the most part, in a good mood, on vacation, celebrating etc. if you're not in the mood for it you might want to shoot yourself in the face in the midst of the bacchian celebration. but after a couple cups of wine it's gg.

last night there was an eighties inspired bachelorette party at squid... ....


after thinking about it, i think that's all the details i should share.

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