Friday, January 25, 2013

hijo boom

someone threatened to kick me in the nuts if i didn't update this... so.. hijo-boom. updated.

i haven't played too much this month ~80hrs. only something like 55k hands.. BE after two/three consecutive four digit friday night downswings. after last month's absurdity i needed a break... and a change of direction. it was the most hands i've played in a month (260k) along with the most i've ever lost in a month... by far. i've been floundering about between different games and stakes, experimenting with different numbers of tables.. stacked or tiled etc. i've taken an interest in mtts,  living with an mtt'er atm, but i'm yet to bring myself to play any of them. i'm thinking i'm going to continue this searching until feb. when i, most likely, return to 14-18tbln 50/100nl.

this'll be the last month before shit starts to get a lil hazy in mexico. we have 5 cash game beasts moving into our condo and have a few others coming down for spring break. being one of the old guys out here i'll most likely make sure no one does too many rails of baking soda or pisses in the streets. pay off the policia when appropriate or well.. yeah, etc...  malta is still on the agenda, as is thailand... once i figure out how to retrieve the chips i put in the middle... then it's gnocchi in malta and shots of snake blood in thailand.

been playing a lot of guitar lately out here as well.. started learning 'rumbia' by paco de lucia, 'blue drag' by django, and learned bach's first cello suite. every time i play that one though, i can't help but think of that 'zales' commercial. i think it's zale's.. maybe some other jewelry store... commercials ruin such amazing songs. es triste. actually, i should say, i have mixed feelings about that.


"Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Make everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It’s easy to see without looking too far
That not much is really sacred..."

... said bob dylan in "it's alright, ma (i'm only bleeding)"...which made his Apple commercial sting that much more... followed by some whiskey commercial with 'where eagles dare' on it.. OTOH, some artists i may have never discovered had it not been for marketing (i'm struggling to think of any beside moby, but i'm sure they're out there).

Nowadays it's probably one of the best mainstream outlets for musicians given the state of the music industry. but, it would still be nice to hear bach without thinking of blood diamonds.

sorry, where was i?

i'm bit a under the weather at the moment, but i'll try to post some hands later this week.
hope everyone is running like god. gl


  1. finally, alrd wanted to ask u at 2+2 for updates....

    feeling with u, got this shit this month; most played hands ever and worst month too :(

    we will grind it out!

    gl and hopefully pics from springbreak!! ^^

  2. ha - yeah, i get lazy.. uninspired from time to time.. bloggin's not that fun when you're suckin it up... 'hey everyone - i lost a ton and worked a lot!' ;)

    i saw the graph.. shitty. that was a mini version of mine last month :) you'll get it back though, you're a crusher.

    pics might need a next day filtering process, but i'm sure there'll be a few.

    gl bro