Saturday, July 7, 2012

Catch up

i've been getting some 'update your blog dude''s in chat recently.. sorry.. i'm generally completely lazy and apathetic.. especially when i start smoking weed again.. so let me catch ya up on last month to now...

1) last month sucked in poker
2) last month was awesome in mexico

the end.

that's it in a nutshell.

i met a beautiful girl at one of the bars out here, she worked there, and i found myself skateboarding home tanked every night. i only put in 110k hands last month, most likely my lowest volume month, quite possibly ever. and i had a negative score to boot...... but.... meh. fuck it. i had a good time.. what's the point of working if you can't enjoy life once in a while? after being up 2k, going on a 3k downswing, climbing back, only to go on another DS, i pretty much wrote June off.. i was also lacking the desire to play and was suffering from 'accumulated tilt'. (Where every minor thing starts to tilt you way more than it should.. like losing a standard flip in the beginning of your session.. due to losing the day before etc.)

some highlights of June included:
1) killing the most expensive bottle of tequila i could find in <1hr

2) almost winning 60 tacos from eagles in the NBA playoffs

3) being introduced to the dirt road strip club called 'la botana' aka 'snacks' by my girl... i was pretty sure everyone was going to turn into vampires and kill me eventually... and no one remotely resembled salma hayek... a good time nonetheless.

... and now we're in july.

i've put in around 43k hands.. i'm around 12bi's below ev, but trying to remain positive. i'm up this month and i have not only a 'play 50nl only' bet with natis, but a 'don't smoke cigarettes/weed' apuesta as well. $500 on the line.. his end is that he can't play midstakes or 1/2 6m. which is a positive bet for both of us.. albeit a bit rougher for myself.. (i should've taken odds :P )

i've got some funny hands to put up. i'll try to post more regularly...
thanks to everyone that's reading this..

please enjoy this dancing potato.

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