Monday, July 30, 2012


  So after June's debacle, i wanted to get back on track in July and just focus on one game.. i was less distracted by mexico this month and ended up breaking my personal record of 'hands played' in a month.. i'm still not too happy with my results.. i had a couple notable downswings.. like one a few days ago, where i dropped something like 22bi's in a night.. oh well... .. i feel like a dinosaur still playing fifty, but everyone has different financial situations.. and mine, at the moment, requires the slow-and-steady with a lil less variance...

VPPS: 34913.06(3.5)
FPPS: 122195.71(.016) = $1955.13
Milestone Equity $1047.39
Tables: $2426.23
Total $5428.75

**rakeback pro ITT**

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