Thursday, December 6, 2012


 hola.. been a while.

results from last month were ok. made a lil over 4k. had an alright comeback after the mordor giraffe. this month started out great. up 10bis first session.. was stoked.. getting coaching from a known beast who will remain nameless. also, i've moved to six max. ya get the fish to yourself, and a lot less ssers.  the only downside is that i'm getting less vpps at a time when i need to get a lot of vpps to hit my last 500k milestone. idk if i will make it. it's going to be close. i was more optimistic before every other session proceeding my first. currently on a 3k downer. poker has ripped out my soul this half of the year. it doesn't look like it has any plans on returning it any time soon either.

run bad is a mix of:
- not getting action when you do have a hand that normally pays the electricity bill.
- bricking all your combo draws/ backdoor draws that you've barreled.
- bluffs gettin' picked off
- making your hand and still not being good
- obv the standard getting sucked out on, set over sets etc.
- situationally running bad i.e. KK<AA in the blinds etc. etc.

... and when all these factors coincide you feel like filling your pockets with the remaining pennies you have left and doin' a swan dive in your local mall fountain.


aside from the shit storm that is poker atm, life has been pretty good overall.
met a beautiful aussie chick last week, quit smoking, quit smoking weed, been working out every other day, running, haven't eaten cheese or bread, no alcohol. i always feel like when one thing is good in your life others are not... in this case work is shit and the rest is nice.

i basically have to play around 10k hands a day for the rest of the month to hit this mile. i would have more confidence if i wasn't running like an asshole on National Asshole Day, but i'm still going to try to be on pace whilst hoping for a xmas miracle.

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