Wednesday, December 26, 2012


so the year's wrappin' up... here's the brutal numbers.

first million hands of the year:

second mill^
i tried googling 'jack titanic dead', but nothing good. you get the point. here:

that is the sound of my financial plans, hopes, and past coaching prices plummeting. i have a lot of excuses from Ancalagon to Zoom, but overall it is what it is and there's no point in sugar coatin' it. i tried a lot of different games, made adjustments, tweaks, etc etc nothing. shit sucks, i suck, blah blah... that's life. i'm just happy that i'm not busto, have a roof over my head,  food to eat, and had a great time in cabo so far. actually, i figured by now i'd be a starving artist livin' on the streets in europe, so anything above that is a free-roll to me.

it's a new year next week and all i can do is try harder.
less tables, more videos. better table selection, less ispew1225.
 i still have about 11k vpps to go, which is about 10-12k hands per day including NYE.
after that i'm getting a cerveza on the beach and takin' a few days off... or hours.
i've played more hands and hours this month than ever before, i always play the most when i'm stuck, and i'm stuck the most i've ever been as well. shit happens. variance, as someone mentioned to me, happens.

:ɹɐɟ os ɹǝqɯǝɔǝp

nothing much goin' on other than poker. 'twas my bday yesterday and santa wrapped me up a giant  case of food poisoning. perfect fit.

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