Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back home

Back from L.A.
It was much needed.

After being down 2k in EV there's only one place you really should go to...

the girl who i went to see had a son that was too young to go on space mountain, but i couldn't leave without seeing it.

i'm the one in the back. #purejoy

the night before i left we went to Nobu...

i would recommend getting the, "Omakase," (from the chef's heart).
it's the nuts.

it's an eight course meal that gives disney a run for it's money for ' the happiest place on earth'. here's a few of the courses.

Toro Tartar with Caviar

Can't remember what this was exactly..
octopus, atun, y mixed veggies with a spicy sauce..

Broiled Alaskan Black Cod with Den Miso - mi favorito.

ribeye with black truffles

Bento Box - Warm melting chocolate cake, goma tuille and green tea ice cream. 

there was also a soup course and sushi platter that we couldn't even touch..
GG Nobu. GG.

time to get back on the grind.
no more red sessions.

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