Thursday, May 24, 2012


Been catchin' up on my Elizabethan tragedies..
Read Hamlet earlier this year and just finished Othello today.
Hamlet was amazing.
Othello started off slow for me, but by Act IV/V i really enjoyed it.

'if after every tempest comes such calms,
may the winds blow till they have wakened death.'

the casting in my head made for an interesting read....

        i couldn't escape the fact that i knew Laurence Fishburne had played Othello, so Othello was played by Moor-pheus.. (that was not intended to be a racist pun, just a funny pun.) hm..  anyway, Desdemona was played by Emilia Clarke, Iago was played by the inversely inspired Aladdin villain "Iago" (the parrot), and Desdemona's servant 'Emilia' (Iago's wife) was also played by Emilia Clarke, for obvious reasons.

prolly not how willy shakes pictured it, but entertaining none the less.

Next up is King Lear.
which, i can only assume, resembles this guy:


  1. Dunno why but I didn't have you down as a Shakespeare kinda guy.

    Saw Jude Law play Hamlet in London a couple of years ago, that was amazing.

    Tried to get more into it and go see some other ones but it was just too much hard work making sense of what was going on.

    1. ya use to read a lot of his work in school years ago.. always enjoyed it.

      i've never seen any plays, but i'm sure i will someday.

      when you went to the other plays did you read the play first?
      I think that would help a lot...

      i saw you were reading Michio Kaku's book - i bet it's great.. guy's brilliant obv.. i've also enjoyed his 'future invention's' show.

      (if you're interested in quantum physics, i would recommend 'the quantum and the lotus'.. great book where an astrophysicist (who was raised buddhist) has a conversation with a molecular biologist who later became the french translator for the Dalai Lama.)

    2. For Hamlet I read the play alongside a high-school guide that broke it all down. That was the first time I'd read Shakespeare since school and it was hard going, but I imagine you get used to it and it'd get easier after you've read a few. I just never got round to putting the effort in. I should do really... there's a good reason his stuff is still revered 400 years on.

      The Kaku book I read was awesome. I'll definitely check out that one you recommend. I wouldn't say I have a particular interest in quantum physics, but I'm just generally interested in most stuff on some level and read books on tons of different subjects, so I'll add it to my list.