Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Prop

So, for May, Eaglesfaan1, Anacalagon1 (mi amigo who lives in Cabo as well), and myself have a $100 prop to not look at monetary results in HEM all month. So there won't be any updates or graphs til June. Which is really difficult for myself. I was already tested yesterday when i heated my first session, but was runnin' like shit my second at 100nl Zoom. Overall, it's for the best.

Looking at HEM can skew your emotions on and off the tables. As expected, when you look at your session results during a session you might play passive to "guard your winnings". Or, likewise, play looser or 'nittier' to try and recoup your losses. Either way, you're not playing your 'A' game. Also, many times after having what i think is a great session, i've checked my results and have been disappointed. Either by being up less than i thought or even stuck. Granted, when i check my results and see i'm not down as much as i thought i was, it makes me feel better, but with this prop it forces us to play our best every hand and only focus on putting in volume. Actually, not knowing whether i'm up or down, really makes me want to put in a lot of volume as to have some sort of 'rake-back cushion' if i'm not pleased with the turn out. It also doesn't affect me off the tables after a session. Which is very 'life +EV'.

My loose target for this month is 52k vpps so i can hopefully hit my 300k vpp milestone.

I like this band.


  1. It is all true. As soon as I check the results during the session I either way go on nit mode - up, or keep on playing for another 12hours straight - down. Just found your blog. Don't worry too much about your recent results. You are a very solid player and as far as I could see you play close to optimal poker for 50/100nl. Good luck! Sophie2000

  2. Hey! thanks, that means a lot coming from a player who i don't like to see at my tables :) good luck to you too!

    *the prop eventually started to mess with us.. eagles was out first after a few really bad sessions, then myself after the same, then ancalagon checked and found out he went on a massive downswing as well at 200. so, it ended up being a draw. i found it to be difficult.. and i'm pretty stubborn.