Monday, April 30, 2012


Had a good month.. Not the volume i was looking to put in, pero esta bien.


VPPs: 33,329.35*3.5(SuperNova rate) = 116,652.725FPPs(.016) = $1866.44


$5664.34 tables
$1866.44 rake-back
$  933.22 milestone equity
$8464.00 total



  2. was expecting a higher winrate and lower volume...
    saw that K6 hand live :)

    the lion

  3. whoa the lion makin' an appearance vn :)
    tbh, i was expecting higher volume and a lower winrate..

  4. Awesome work. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing it wrong by struggling with the tough play and variance at 100nl and 200nl when I see graphs like yours with higher winnings and lower variance at mainly 50nl.

  5. thanks. i'm just tryin' to recover from BF.. tryin' to make and save enough to hit the ground running for US regulated sites (hopefully). midstakes seems dead nowadays.. when i look at 200nl games i see 8 regs and one passive fish.. but games have been okay, as of late, with the deposit bonus, milestones, and scoop coming up.
    it's always about the best hourly, but if you hit a boomswitch at 200 you're in for a huge month. (as i'm sure you will soon enough homie)