Friday, October 12, 2012

a day in the life

tryin' to stay on the positive side of things...
life outside of poker has fallen into a nice routine as of late.
as i'm only out here for a few more months, i've been trying to make the most of it.

A Day in the Life

wake up.
peruse news stories, 2p2, and FB for 20m while i figure out how i came to be a 'professional' gambler living in mexico.

read an act or a few scenes from King Lear. Still picking away at that..
just got to Act IV. they just plucked Gloucester's beard!

go for a light run. workout three days a week.

go to the pool to get some vitamin E while i learn some spanish.
been listening to the 'Michel Thomas method'.. it's the nuts.

shower, then get supplies for the day.
we have a new NY style sub shop that opened up.. been eating there mostly nowadays. as all the food is imported from the states and i don't have to wonder if i'm gonna be pinnin' the porcelain princess down all week. snag a bag full of caffeine and debate if want to take norcol, adderrall, vicodins, or buy some dirt weed from some random.... then decide on none and return home. well... maybe get some smokes.. but i've been trying to quit this month. turns out it can be rather difficult.

12pm. - ???
hop on the tables and start losing money.
now, my strategy recently is to have a smaller losing session to begin with, that way it jacks up my mental state for the rest of the day, getting fucked by things that are out of my control while i'm still of sound mind.. and then slowly moving into bad play and spew from midday to nighttime.. as i'm completely unfilled as a human being staring at a computer screen clicking shiny buttons for pennies..

??? - ???pm
take a break.
watch some tv.
eat some grub.
play some guitar.

??? - ???am.
i like to wrap up my final session completely exhausted and broken as a person. that way i can daydream about recording music as i ship small suited aces v. four bets in later position and be completely unaffected by the outcomes. by now i have already hit the pharmacia and bartered for pain killers.

time for bed.

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