Tuesday, October 30, 2012


so october is wrappin' up..
had a bad month.. dug my way out of a 3k DS.. not all the way, but still made some cash post-RB.
Rb pro this month yet again... i feel like i made some bad adjustments in the beginning, running super nitty.. then over compensated by running super laggy.. and recently i feel like i remembered what the fuck i should be doing again. the game is a constant adjustment. it's a moving target. it's jazz. and having remembered that, disregarding the numbers and simply focusing on making good decisions, the numbers starting to reflect the stats i was putting up when i was crushin'. so i'm happy about that and looking forward to next month.

i finished the 150k/200k hand prop so as not to dump a grand there. don't see myself doing anymore of those any time soon. the added pressure really isn't needed and can be somewhat of a hindrance. next year i think i'm going to get off the vpp train and only 8-16 table and try to table select/ shot take more often. but that's next year... i still need to put in a lot of hands this year to hit 500k vpps to make sure i ship a couple more bonuses and a milestone. don't wanna leave that money on the table.


done playing zoom too.
kinda crazy to have quads that often in one month. at least it seemed like an abnormal occurrence.

i put in about 100k hands in the first ten days, but after running like shit i chilled out and chipped away at the second 100k. in the midst of the grind i also found time to grind one of my favorite games from growing up... the legend that is zelda.

the ocd in me had to beat both quests.
gamer nerds will understand.

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