Wednesday, October 3, 2012

oct. 3

i know it's been a while. how's everyone doin'?
i don't always feel like updating this, but i always will at some point..

   last month wasn't that great irt to poker.. made some money, nothing to write home about..
speaking of home.. i went to Chicago last week for a handful of days to see some family and friends... especially my new adorable niece and nephew. it was much needed and a great time. i've been pretty burnt out on poker.. after seeing everyone, i remembered why i was in cabo in the first place.. it was reinvigorating and inspiring. i hope to put up a big month in Oct., if not in profit then at least in volume.. i have a couple props totaling ~$925 to hit 200k hands this month as added inspiration. i'm only out here for a few more months and i need to make them count.

   i feel pretty good overall. trying to quit smokin'.. trying to run, workout, hit the pool, and learn more spanish for the remainder of my time here in mexico... quit fuckin' around at the bars.. quit smokin' weed and random pharmaceuticals.. well, maybe some adderall/ritalin this month.. not too much. i changed my mind on goin' back to chicago for the holidays and to just fly direct to Malta in January, because i didn't want to fly into a blizzard, but after researching flights, it turns out flying one-way to Chi and one-way to Malta would actually save me ~$12oo. so, i might go back after all... actually, i will. i just made up my mind. feck it. Hopefully it isn't a blizzard... i have a feeling it will be.

   i really miss making music.. before i went back to Chicago, i also really missed American food. and by 'American' i mean Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican ^^ etc. i gorged on food out there like a bear preppin' for winter..

hm... lost my train of thought.
playin' 10k hands a day will do that to ya...

i'll be posting progress graphs on sundays from now on..
and i'll be puttin' up some more hh's throughout the month..  so.. yeah.

end of *who the fuck cares* vol. II

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