Friday, October 12, 2012


my month has been horrendously bad. of epic proportions.
 i've never ran this bad before. i know i've said that many times in the past, but the consistency is astonishing. maybe i should quit saying that... perhaps it's tempting the poker gods to test my will.

*you will see right around the sixty-four thousand hand marker i was up $5...

followed by the run bad from hell.

i know EV isn't the end all be all. as it doesn't include hands like KK V AA in the blinds... or set over sets, whereas it's completely standard to stack off in situations where your EV is awful. or times where you slow play and get fucked on the river, calling it off... but it does paint somewhat of a story.

overall, it is a 'negative freeroll'© though.
either you look at it and it says 'wow, you're really taking it up the pooper this month!'... or it says 'wow, you're getting super lucky this month.. you suck at this game!'.

i probably wouldn't be so stressed, but i cashed out too much money this month and i'm playing on a mega short roll. which i won't ever do again. there's something to be said about that mental cushion.

anyways., i'll i can do is keep playing. as a small positive, i have a solid jump on the 200k props.

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