Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates recently...

I haven't been playing too much poker and haven't had that many interesting hands when i have played. I did meet an amazing chica aqui and have had some memorable nights out here.

I've been learning a ton of spanish recently and have been giving english lessons as well.

Currently, i'm behind my imaginary pace and need to get back on a decent schedule.. (at ~125k hands - wanted to be at 200k)

I also should've prefaced in the beginning that i'm writing this blog for my poker player friends and non-poker player friends.. so if there is some basic strat, i'm sure at one point it wasn't always 'basic'. Also, i don't claim to know everything about poker (hardly).. only what i'm thinking during the hand.. i'm sure my strat is, at times, laughable to MID/HS players.. if you think my thought process is flawed or have different ideas or questions about a hand, i would love to hear it. Poker is dynamic. And we should always strive to re-examine the 'standard' and look for news ways to find another bb/100.

Right now i'm just putting up what comes to mind..
which, i'll prolly just keep doin'...
idk if people want to know my HH analysis or not..
(i'm sure my opponents do :P)
If you have any suggestions for topics, please, don't hesitate to comment.

Buena suerte,

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