Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crashin' Servers ftw


  1. Hey Rice, I sent you a PM on 2+2. Not sure if you had a chance to read or respond to it before the forums went down. Is there another way that I can message you privately?

  2. hey - yeah i got it.. a bit sketched out by it, do you have skype?
    i'm thinking i can help, but i would want to do a waiting period to make sure the card is legit. like a week.. once i get verification from stars, i can ship. if you'd like.

  3. I understand you being wary. I don't really have a poker "network" which is why I approached you.

    Anyway, I really appreciate you getting back to me. I would be prepared to wait like you have suggested. My Skype user name is selv04. If you add me then we could chat more about it on there.