Saturday, April 21, 2012


Stars $0.50/$1
No Limit Hold'em - Zoom
9 players

Hero: $205.32

hhholy: $205.20
chewy0911: $200.77
Villain: $163.29 - 33/19/4
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IceK-666: $96.89
oswal29: $59.10
Umpor: $52.07
EDEPERIN: $139.52
VegasPat17: $86.16

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is with 6 3
Villain raises to $3, 5 folds,
Hero raises to $9.50, 2 folds,
Villain calls $6.50

Here, villain opens up UTG very wide and we're quasi-deep...
He's a fish and i just feel like playing a big pot with him IP...
so i 3B to ISO him (or to get a fold).

Now, granted, 63ss isn't the best hand to play big pots with fish, but as it turns out, they were the only two cards i found in my hand at the time.

Reasons why this hand isn't a good hand to play big pots with fish?
Mainly because your flushes are only 6hi and vs. fish you'd prefer to have 'big' cards a.k.a 'paint' (because fish go to showdown so often).

Flop: ($20.50) 5 A 7
Villain checks,
Hero bets $11.50,  
Villain raises to $23,
Hero calls $11.50

Good flop imo.
I could write a chapter about why i think that.. but meh.
Standard Cbet spot. 
There's also quite a bit to talk about IRT bet sizing,
but i won't get into that here either...

*Two important concepts to think about while playing are leverage and setting up SPR's (Stack to Pot Ratios). When bluffing, you want to risk the least amount of money necessary to get the job done. When setting up SPR's you want to manipulate the amount of money going into the pot to be able to stack your opponent. Here, this amount can still accomplish both.

Villain goes ahead and makes a horrid mistake of check min-raising.
Which, is awful for a plethora of reasons.

Basically, there are a million draws out there and he's giving me the correct price, given the implied odds this deep, to call everyone of them... including my gutter.

Turn: ($66.50) A
Villain bets $7,

Hero calls $7

River: ($80.50) 4
Villain checks,

Had a quick talk with eaglesfaan about this spot.
I definitely considered over-bet jamming the river, as a fish never folds an ace here,
but i opted for a bet that has a higher proclivity of calls.
I wanted to get paid. I was definitely bet/calling given my river sizing.....
actually, i had a lot of options here..

* i could bet small to induce, but i risk losing a lot of value from scared trips..
* i could over-bet jam, which doesn't have to work that often to show a lot of profit, but it folds out all of his FDs/SDs that bricked.. or
* i could bet what i did bet to get called by all his aces, some KK/QQ type hands, or other two pair hands that he now thinks i'm turning my missed draws into bluffs. It also leaves some room for him to potentially CRAI with worse hands.

Hero bets $49,
Villain calls $49

Final Pot: $178.50
Hero shows 6 3 (a straight, Three to Seven)
Villain mucks A Q
Hero wins $175.70

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