Saturday, April 21, 2012


Runnin' my third (or fourth?) Flip-ament this week...
If anyone would like to sweat it.

I originated this degenerate donkament a few years ago and have even proposed the idea to Stars. They have always been really fun, but a little hectic.

A Flip-ament (or originally Fli-paw-ment - so as to lay my claim to fame)
is exactly what you would think it would be.
A tournament of flips. The hyper-est of turbos.

First hand = All in.
Chop = Re-do.
Winner Advances = ezgame.

This tourney has 16 players.

Round One - 50NL (Deep)
Round Two - 100NL (Deep)
Round Three - 200NL (Deep)
Final Round - 1000NL HU

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The final round will be a WTA $2000 flip at 5/10 HU sometime this week.

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