Monday, April 16, 2012


today i set my alarm for 10:40a.m. and woke up at 2pm.
then i went back to bed for a lil.

As it turns out weed is incredibly demotivating.

Manana no mas.

Hopped on the tables.. lost 3bis at 100nl zoom in a few minutes..

***6 folds...
CO opens $2.50 with a wide steal and a fold to 3bet of 90%...
i'm on the BTN with two cards.. raise to $9.50
SB folds
BB is a thinking reg with a 3/4B in the double digits in steal situations..
He cold 4bets $25.. i ship..
blockers ftl.***

played some fifty and was doin well..  then not so much.
tilted and hungry i hopped off...
due to moneybooker's and my new mexican bank account's verification processes,
i'm waiting on some wires.
until then i'm busto on the pesos..
no pesos = no tacos = no poker.
can't focus without some food.. get tilted too quickly.
ate a banana, can of fruit and some toast today.
breakfast. lunch. and dinner. fml.

i feel like i'm making money by not playing actually :/
*at least saving*

other than that just played a bit of guitar and messed around on photo-shop.
i call it 'not this time'...... a.k.a 'every fkn time'.

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